General Policy

Management Meeting First

As an institution of  effort area of commerce and service which its scope include; cover the Regency Kebumen in in assisting (facilitation) society which is active in forestry,  agriculture, ranch, to the make-up of result of agriculture wood and improve its prosperity is farmer. Koperasi Serba Usaha Taman Wijaya Rasa generally having area mission:

  1. Reach for the certification of forest management everlastingly from institute FSC ( for the forest of society mahoni;
  2. Arrange the effort mahogany according to standard of certification of FSC;
  3. Improving economics of member and society in the field of plantation; agriculture, ranch, fishery with environment friendly
  4. Commerce in order to accomplishment of requirement of domestic of member and society
  5. Service of saving and loan to the make-up of capital employed member.

As according to to- 5 above mission, hence in plan work this divisible in 3 big shares namely:

1. Activity of Forest of Society Mahoni

This Activity relate at strategy and co-ordinate full of The Tropical Forest Trust ( as fasilitator of Co-Operation and also Group of Farmer Mahoni as back part harpoon the activity. 2. Business Activity

As step of early effort is  mahogany commerce. As according to existence of Group of Farmer Mahoni as cikal co-operation will do the business activity of mahogany commerce. Effort commerce will be convergent at activity in area agroforestry 

3.  Saving And Loan

Activity of  Saving And Loan will be carried out when finance condition have been assumed competent and will be executed in the early Book Year


Road to Koperasi

Attendedly by 52 participant of Co-Operation Training and Arrange the Effort People Wood performed in Meeting Room of Hotel Candisari, Karanganyar – Kebumen from date of 23 up to 25 July 2007. Participant is delegation from 11 is formed Farmer Mahogani Group and agree to together TFT develop;build the People Forest to obtain; get the certificationFSC as decanted in MoU between TFT with each; every Group of Farmer Mahoni.


From 11 Farmer Group delivering its proxy, is  slimmest of participant recognize the participant from other Farmer Group. Therefore, during 3 competitor day given by a lot of opportunity to recognizing each other one another. Hasi evaluate the day of  first still a lot of competitor which not yet exploited the time ” coffee break” and or take a rest the lunch to recognizing each other. See that,  in  early event on second conducted by a game use the card,  so that  more chummy antarpeserta at one blow liquefy the very seen inertia  on farmer’s first

More and more nearness of relation farmer’s very assistive in course of forming of Co-Operation Manager also under consideration Association of and Draft Of Domestic Budget. Gauche Participant becoming not and more active in voicing its opinion but fixed decent and full of familiarity.

Mahogany log

Mahogany log

Mahogany log from Farmer Group delivery to factory usingTFT logo.  Before we have FSC certificated on Sustainable Forest Management. 


Co-Operation which the core of activity is Management of Forest of People Mahoni in Kebumen District, Central Java – Indonesia.  People Forest managed to obtain;get the Everlasting Management Certificate from institute FSC ( agriculture development / environmental friendly plantation. All convergent activity at target to increase member economics / society and preserve the environmental friendly effort Agroforestry.